poses a serious threat to Pennsylvania agriculture, hardwoods and private property

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sponsored by USDA and PA Department of Agriculture

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Helpful Summer Tips from the Board of Health

Be aware of stagnant and standing water around your yard. This is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, and West Nile Virus is spread by mosquitoes. Inspect your birdbaths, gutters, pools, old tires, empty pots and cans for water that can collect there. To be on the safe side, please empty your birdbaths, baby pools, pool covers or anything else that collects water every day.

Pick up your dog feces when walking your dog. Remember to take a plastic bag with you when walking your dog. Property owners must also not allow feces to accumulate on their own property. Be considerate of your neighbors who may like to enjoy being outside.

Put your garbage out the night before the day of your scheduled pick-up. Putting garbage out before then produces a foul odor, attracts rodents, and is an eyesore.

Grass and weed cutting season is May 1 through November 1. Keep your grass cut and weeds under control. Weeds and grass should not be in excess of 10 inches.

When disposing of refrigerator and air conditioners, the freon must be removed. Contact a certified contractor who will perform this service and place a sticker on the appliance stating that the freon has been removed. State law also requires that refrigerator doors be removed before placing the appliance out for collection.

Wash your hands regularly with soap and water to help eliminate the spread of disease.

Do not feed the geese/waterfowl. Let them find their own food. Feeding the geese keeps them from migrating, causes a mess, and is a health concern for both humans and waterfowl.

Keep in mind, accumulation of trash, junk, and garbage attracts rodents and looks sloppy. Take pride in your property and community.