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Board of Health

The Northampton Borough Board of Health meets the last Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM in the Council Chambers at Borough Hall.
The Board is appointed by Borough Council and all serve 5 year terms.  The members of the Board and their term end dates are as follows:

Donna Lee Zangari (Chair) - 12/31/27
Irene Urban (Vice Chair) - 12/31/24
Carrie Hirschman (Secretary) - 12/31/25
Bernadette Klucsarits - 12/31/23
John Yurish - 12/31/26

Theodore Veresink - Health Officer
Super Health Food
The Board of Health administers and enforces the health laws and related ordinances of the Borough.  This is done by meeting the necessary qualifications for the issuance of permits and certificates, through health inspections conducted by the Health Officer.

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