AUGUST 12, 2021


The Northampton Borough Zoning Hearing Board will hold its public meeting on Thursday, August 12, 2021, in Council Chambers, 1401 Laubach Avenue, Northampton, Pennsylvania, at 7:00 P.M. to review the following appeals:


  1. Douglas D. Delabar and Jordan M. Jones, 38 Main Street, Northampton, Pennsylvania, for the property located at 38 Main Street, Northampton, Pennsylvania.  This property is located on Tax Parcel No. M4SE1A-8-1 and is located in an R-3 Residential Zoning District.  Douglas Delabar and Jordan Jones would like to operate a pet grooming business from their home.  Douglas Delabar and Jordan Jones are seeking a favorable interpretation of the Northampton Borough Zoning Ordinance and an appeal to a decision by the Zoning Officer.


Page 250:27, Article V – Supplementary Regulations, Section 250-18 – Accessory structures and uses, B. - Home occupations accessory use, (2) “Permitted use” home occupations.


                                   and in the alternative, they seek a variance to:


Page 250:51, Article V, Section 250-22 – Miscellaneous provisions, C. – Animals and fowls (1) In any district the establishment, maintenance, and operation of boarding stables, dog kennels, boarding kennels, aviaries, or similar facilities for the housing, boarding, service, treatment, care, breeding or sale of animals and fowls is prohibited, except for the C-2 Commercial District.


    2.  Richard Yost, RGM Land Holdings LLC., 669 Stagecoach Road, Cherryville, Pennsylvania,           for the property located at 65 West 21st Street, Northampton, Pennsylvania.  This property             is located on Tax Parcel No. L4-8-4D-2A and is located in an I-2 Industrial District.  Mr. Yost           and RGM Land Holdings LLC are seeking approval for a special use to allow the property             to be used as a construction materials recycling yard for Yost Hauling, Inc.


Page 250:55, Article VI – Supplementary Regulations Governing Selected Uses, Section 250-24 – Special uses and 250 Attachment 2:5, Schedule I – Schedule of the Controls, Special Uses in the I-2 Industrial District.




All interested parties are invited to attend. The applicant must attend.



Juliann Edelman

Zoning Officer